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Séminaire de probabilités XXX

Synopsis : "This volume presents the thoroughly revised proceedings of the ICSE '94 Workshop on Joint Research Issues in Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction, held in Sorrento, Italy in May 1994. In harmony with the main objectives of the Workshop, this book essentially contributes to establishing a sound common platform for exchange and cooperation among researchers and design professionals from the SE and HCI communities. The book includes survey papers by leading experts as well as focused submitted papers. Among the topics covered are design, processes, user interface technology and SE environments, platform independence, prototyping, interactive behaviour, CSCW, and others. [-J. Azéma, M. Emery, Marc Yor-] ..."

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"- Séminaire de probabilités XXX [-J. Azéma, M. Emery, Marc Yor-]"
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John of Ibelin [electronic resource] Le livre des assises

Synopsis : "This critical edition of the legal treatise by John of Ibelin, count of Jaffa and Ascalon (died 1266) is the first to take into account all the surviving medieval manuscripts and the first to be published since 1841. [-Peter W. Edbury-] ..."

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"- John of Ibelin [electronic resource] Le livre des assises [-Peter W. Edbury-]"
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Lexique, syntaxe et lexique-grammaire

Synopsis : "Maurice Gross, who died in December 2001, was a pioneer and leading thinker in the field of modern linguistics. Long before computers could facilitate large-scale, lexically-based language study, he and his team began building an exhaustive, empirically-based inventory of the "lexicon-grammar" of French which, thirty years later, still remains the most complete syntax-based lexicon available. Researchers all over the world have adopted the Gross model of description, which serves as a computational model for any language. As can be seen in the contributions in this volume, it has been applied to languages as different as Arabic, Chinese, English, Greek or Korean (as well as the major Romance languages, of course). In this volume the reader will also find a number of articles by eminent linguists who were close friends of Maurice Gross, and frequently in dialogue with him on linguistic issues. No matter whether they shared his theoretical views, or his particular empirical methods of description, they each had great respect for his work, especially for the close-grained linguistic analysis which has set a benchmark for future generations. [-Christian Leclere, Christian Leclère-] ..."

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"- Lexique, syntaxe et lexique-grammaire [-Christian Leclere, Christian Leclère-]"
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